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Making Smaller Social Groups Visible and Providing a Baseline for Tracking Results on Social Inclusion: The Nepal Multidimensional Exclusion Index
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This paper presents the methodology and first round results for a Multidimensional Exclusion Index (MEI) for social groups in Nepal. The MEI proposed in this paper provides a summary measure of exclusion (deprivation) in income, health, education and influence/agency dimensions. MEI is constructed using the multidimensional poverty measurement methodology proposed by Alkire and Foster (2007, 2009) (AF1). AF methodology has been applied notably in the newly introduced multidimensional poverty index (MPI) for the UNDP‟s 2010 Human Development Report, and other applications include Batana (2008) in Sub-Saharan Africa, Alkire and Seth (2009) in India, Yu (2008) in China, Santos and Ura (2009) in Bhutan, and Battiston et. al. (2009) in Latin America. The MPI Country Briefing series by Alkire and Santos (2010) includes Nepal. The Nepal MEI index is an intuitive and policy-relevant measure that is also technically robust, satisfying a number of desirable properties. MEI contributes to the measurement and understanding of multi dimensional welfare/deprivations in three distinct ways: i) MEI is calculated for eighty different caste/ethnic population groups in the country; ii) it conceptualizes and constructs the level of exclusion for a given social group as a reflection of deprivation opportunities in multiple dimensions of human well being: income, health, education and agency/influence; (iii) unlike the other multidimensional indices such as the HDI and the MPI, the MEI includes direct measures of income and influence dimensions. The details of the indicators and methodology used in the MEI Index are provided in section 3 of the paper.
UNDP ,   (2011 )
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