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Project Title: Consolidation Of Community Radio Movement (Phase II)
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Following the peoples’ movement for re-establishment of democracy in April 2006, Nepal has embarked on a sustained path to democracy respecting human rights, media freedom and free flow of information. Because of liberal government policy, more than four dozens community radios (CRs) were opened within the last eight months, reaching a total of 91, out of which 36 stations are already on air and 15 more stations will be on air by the end of October 2007. While professional training is a must for any fresh entrant in the media profession, the journalists of CRs are always constrained with resources and cannot afford to upgrade their journalistic standards. The IPDC-supported project to Association of Community Radio Broadcasters Nepal (ACORAB) in 2006 had components of capacity building and for a Code of conduct (COC) to be distributed among Nepalese CRs. However, only 23 CRs benefited from the project. The newly established radio stations were left out, although they are in dire need at the initial stages of transmission of their stations and at this crucial moment in Nepal, when the Constituent Assembly process is going on for the first time to consolidate democracy and freedom of expression, including the constitutional right to receive and impart information which is a prerequisite for a free and fair democratic country. This proposal has been developed as a second phase of the IPDC-supported project of ACORAB, so that the newly opened CRs could benefit from it. Additionally, during its implementation, ACORAB has felt that CRs not only need capacity building but also institutional development programmes for their sustainability.
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