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Nepal is going through an important period of democracy building with the Constitution making-process. The Constituent Assembly (CA) is guiding the process of drafting a new constitution, which, unlike anything in Nepal’s past, will be a federal one. Nepal has no experience in this kind of administration structure, having been a centralized monarchy characterized by an extremely weak and inefficient state for many years. Thus, it is crucial to have a well-informed population with access to accurate and independent information from diverse sources, with an understanding of what decision-making processes are happening around it. There are hundreds of Community Learning Centres (CLCs) around the country but only few operative and self sufficient Community Multimedia Centres (CMCs). A network among these centres will become a fundamental awareness and information channel for communities. This project intends to enhance the capacity of CMCs and CLCs by promoting networking and information exchange between CMCs and CLCs through journalism and communication training, ICT training and networking meetings. In addition, two new CMCs, Radio Kapilbastu CMC and Radio Janakpur Today CMC, will be established.
UNESCO ,   (2011 )
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