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Press Release of FAO Representation in Nepal (19 June, 2015)
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Some $20 million is urgently needed to support farmers in earthquake-hit Nepal resume agricultural activities and stave off the threat of prolonged food insecurity facing an estimated one million people, FAO warned today. To date, only 13 percent has been received of the $23.4 million in emergency agricultural assistance which FAO estimates is required, as part of the revised UN Flash Appeal for Nepal. Two separate earthquakes and a series of aftershocks struck in April and May killing more than 8,000 people and devastated large parts of the country. The disaster has also heavily disrupted agricultural activities threatening the livelihoods of rural families. An FAO-led Agricultural Livelihood Impact Appraisal found that in Nepal’s six hardest-hit districts, half of all farming households lost nearly all of their stored crops. Many earthquake survivors are still living under corrugated iron shelters, tarpaulins or even plastic tunnels normally used for growing vegetables and are vulnerable to mudslides. Many of their animals have no shelter.
FAO ,   (2015 )
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