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Crop Situation Update, Issue No. 6 ( July 2007)
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At the request of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives of Nepal (MoAC), a joint FAO/WFP Crop and Food Supply Assessment Mission (CFSAM) was conducted from 20 March
to 8 April 2007. The overall objective of the assessment was to develop an understanding of the current and prospective food security situation in order to guide the Government and the international community on what actions should be taken to minimize the impact of local disasters such as droughts, floods and infestations on the food security situation of vulnerable communities.
During the assessment, over 20 districts across four development regions and three ecological zones (Terai, Mountain and Hill) were visited with particular attention given to drought-affected areas in the Mid- and Far-West and areas in the Terai affected by drought and/or floods in 2006. The mission assessed the 2007 winter cereal crops, current food availability, market access, and food utilization situations at the household, community, and district- level. In addition, the Mission conducted consultations with relevant Government institutions, international agencies, donors, NGOs and the private sector and reviewed data previously collected on food security from a variety of sources. The final result has been published in the joint FAO/WFP, “Special Report: FAO/WFP Food Security Assessment Mission to Nepal,”
This Crop Situation Update provides a summary of the key findings of the Mission report and highlights from the winter crop production.
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