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Strengthening Cooperative Management Training And Education ILO/DANIDA/78/NEP/2 Nepal : Evaluation Report Made Jointly By: Representatives Of His Majesty's Government Of Nepal: Danish International EducationalDevelopment Agency ILO ( 17- 28 Feburary 1986)
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The Project Document provides for an evaluation of the ILO/DANIDA supported Project for the Strengthening of Cooperative Management, Training and Education approximately two years after the beginning of the Project. A Tripartite Evalauation has, therefore, been carried out from 17 to 28 February 1986. Please refer to Appendix A for the Terms of Reference.The Evaluation Mission has endeavoured to fulfil the terms of reference. The evaluation report is organised and written in as far as possible in accordance with the established procedures for the evaluation of ILO projects.In the evaluation itself, the Mission has recommended an amended version of the development and immediate objectives to make them more specific. The suggested development objective is as follows:
1. "The cooperative unions/societies will be effectively managed, administered and assisted by qualified managers, elected leaders and well trained government staff, in order to provide more and better service to their members."In the opinion of the Mission, these objectives are in line with the policy on cooperatives of His Majesty's Government of Nepal. Both indicators and assumptions have been reformulated in line with the objectives.The Mission believes that the proposed project objectives would also be valid for a continuation of the Project after 1987, but should be dealt with during the preparation and design of any second phase.For the remainder of the project period the Mission found that the areas of priority should be the preparation of curricula and training package for field District Cooperative Development Officers (DCDOs) and District Cooperative Union (DCU) managers, Sahjha (Cooperative Society) managers and committee members.It was noted that the project activities and the CCDT continuing activities have been carried out until now in mutual isolation and that this has caused delays in the carrying out of project activities.The standard of office equipment and space provided for working was found to be good. The.hostel construction is ahead of schedule and budget provision appears adequate for completing the project period.As regards a possible second phase of the project, the Mission was basically positive. The need for training and education for the cooperative sector appears enormous and would need to be long term in nature, if it is to have a measurable and lasting impact.
ILO ,   (1986 )
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