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Passage To India: Migration as a Coping Strategy in Times of Crisis in Nepal (November 2008)
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This report is a sobering, urgent call for action. The study of migration cuts across multiple development disciplines. An understanding of the reasons it happens, and its consequences, demands an inclusive view that embraces the particular strengths of UN agencies and others working to reduce poverty.
WFP has a robust programme in Nepal that is oriented ultimately towards the eradication of poverty and hunger. It uses, among other things, food aid to combat food insecurity and support economic and social development. This report highlights the linkages between food security and migration in Nepal. It examines the reasons that people migrate — especially from poor, rural communities in Mid- and Far-Western parts of the country — and draws conclusions that add to a growing body of empirical knowledge and research findings.
Those conclusions show that migration is an established mechanism that has been used by poorer communities for decades to cope with periodic food insecurity. But, disturbingly, they also show that this tried and once true mechanism is actively facilitating the transmission of HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases from some of South Asia’s cities and towns to villages in rural Nepal. The threat to those communities cannot be overstated. In some cases, the threat has already metamorphosed into reality, with anecdotal evidence showing distressingly high levels of HIV infection in established migrant communities.
The chilling cry contained in these pages requires a response that brings together the best that each agency working towards poverty eradication in Nepal can offer. Reflecting migration’s own multi-dimensional character, there is much scope for inter-agency cooperation.
For our part, WFP reinforces its commitment to targeting food aid to where it is most needed; and to examining ways by which its projects and programmes in Nepal can deliver ever more effective results — particularly in managing the negative consequences of migration.
WFP, NDRI ,   (2008 )
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