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3F Crisis: Impact on Education in Nepal - Quarterly Monitoring Report (January - March, 2010)
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1. In 1 quarter of 2010, the food security situation has worsened due to low agricultural yields and food price increases. While fuel prices have increased, the remittance growth rate is low.
2. Several coping mechanisms that have negative impacts upon children’s education, recorded in previous quarters are present also in this quarter but their severity has decreased.
3. The main coping mechanisms adopted by households affected by the 3F crisis are: increasing the workload for parents, reducing the children’s attendance to make them work, reducing educational expenses.
4. Dalit households, households in the Terai region, households experiencing food price rises, large households, poverty-stricken households, and households using kerosene as a source of light are more likely to take education-related coping mechanisms.
UNICEF, GoN, RIDA ,   (2010 )
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