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Food Security Bulletin (May - June 2006)
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This May-June monitoring cycle marks late harvesting of wheat, barley and potato, and planting of paddy, maize, and millet. Reports from survey districts confirm the early assessments reported in Bulletin 13; wheat and barley harvests are significantly lower than last year due to the winter drought, particularly in areas without irrigation facilities. People in the hills and mountains of Mid and Far-Western regions are worst affected with crop losses from 20 – 100%.
Besides farming, people used various livelihood strategies, such as engaging in wage labour through RCIW or other construction projects, selling firewood, receiving income from remittances, or collecting Yarshagumba in high hill areas.
Compared to last year, the price of food items has increased in most survey districts due to the low production of winter crops, price increases at source markets, and increases in transportation costs caused by hike in fuel prices.
The May-June cycle is traditionally a time of in-migration for the busy agricultural season. With the improved security situation in most districts, more people are returning home than last year. However, in areas of the Mid-Western Region food scarcity is more acute this year, so fewer returnees are reported than last year.
Due to the poor harvest of winter crops, especially in the ten districts of the Mid and Far-Western regions, many households are vulnerable to food insecurity until the next harvest because their food stock is low. WFP has initiated an Emergency Operation to assist these communities to cope with their increased vulnerability.
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