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WFP Nepal Situation Report #6 (15 May 2015)
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Another earthquake, measuring 7.3, struck Nepal on 12 May causing further loss of life and damage to many already weakened structures. The epicentre of the new quake was approximately 80km from the Kathmandu, near the Everest base camp in Namche Bazaar, Dolakha district. Multiple strong aftershocks were felt during the following hours fraying nerves and creating new challenges. Within two hours of the initial shock, WFP carried out a rapid aerial assessment mission, overflying the newly-affected areas to establish the extent of the damage. Reports from the ground indicate that there has been further damage in Dolakha. At the request of the Humanitarian Coordinator and as part of the common services platform, WFP will engage the services of mountain climbers, local porters and possibly pack animals to assist in delivering food to remote villages. This would be under the platform of WFP’s Special Operation for Logistics Augmentation. The UN Humanitarian Air Services operation is in the process of being expanded to include five MI8 helicopter and three smaller AS350 helicopters.
Urgent funding is required in order for WFP to sustain the necessary level of emergency response, both in the provision of food assistance and through the two humanitarian common services platforms, which WFP leads. The common support services platform represents a lifeline for humanitarian actors to access those most affected in the most remote areas. Since launching the massive response to meet the needs of earthquake-affected people, WFP has received US$19.3 million for all three operations with US$7.8 million for the EMOP, US$6.8 million for the UNHAS Special Operation, and US$4.7 million for the Logistics and Telecommunications Special Operation.

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