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FAO’S Role in The 2009 Humanitarian Transition Appeal for Nepal January 2009
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Following a decade of civil conflict (1996-2006), Nepal has undergone extensive political transition. The country was declared a Federal Democratic Republic on 28 May 2008, ending 240 years of monarchy. Against this change and hopes for lasting peace, however, lies extreme vulnerability caused by years of violence, frequent natural disasters and displacement. Eight million Nepalese live in poverty and 40 percent of the population is undernourished. Child malnutrition rates rank among the highest in the world, with nearly one out of two children suffering stunted growth. Without support to rehabilitate the agriculture sector, the poorest segments of Nepal’s population will plunge further into poverty and malnutrition, particularly women and children. Urgent action is needed to ensure that families dependent on agriculture receive inputs to restart production, generate income and increase their resilience to future shocks. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has been working with Government institutions, farmers and herders in Nepal for over 50 years. As the lead United Nations agency for agriculture, FAO offers technical expertise to strengthen food security, from improving practices in the field, to building capacity at institutional level to better support needs within the sector. Within the framework of the 2009 Humanitarian Transition Appeal for Nepal, FAO has requested USD 4.2 million to improve the food security of households most affected by natural disasters, conflict and global price increases.
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