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UNESCO 16 th Workshop on Active Learning in Optics and Photonics (ALOP Nepal 2011)
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Disruption are commonplace in many developing countries that struggle with limited resources, poor infrastructure large populations.Education initiatives such as ALOP are vitally important in these countries as they are one way of improving the quality of “people resources” which will, in time, provide the mechanism for tackling the other issues holding back social and economic development.The training sessions went well and all assistant facilitators took pro-active roles in their modules. The experienced facilitators commented during the workshop that the assistant facilitators performed admirably but that they perhaps needed a little more practical experience with the ALOP equipment. Perhaps, in future ALOP workshops, assistant facilitators could be asked several months in advance of the workshop to try to locate or fabricate equipment needed for the kits locally. They could be reimbursed for anything they gather, and anything that they could not gather could be sent to them in advance to give them adequate time to train with the equipment.
UNESCO ,   (2011 )
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