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Nepal has been conducting population censuses since 1911. The first four censuses were conducted under the Rana Regime and were limited to specific purposes.In 1952/54, the first attempt was made to collect internationally comparable data from the census. Computers were used first in 1971. The census of 1991, the first after the restoration of democracy, collected information on caste and ethnicity. The census of 2001 introduced sampling in the census for the first time. The National Population Census of 2011 is the eleventh census and marks 100 years in the history of census taking in the country. The total population of Nepal, as of 22 June 2011, was 26.5 million with decade increase of 14.4% from 2001. The population a decade age, or in 2001.The National Population Census 2011 has provided a wealth information that is required to understand various socioeconomic and demographic changes that have occurred in the country during the intervening period of the two censuses. The first volume contains 12 chapters
related to the population dynamics of Nepal, such as size and structure of the population, nuptial, fertility, mortality, migration and population projections. The second volume contains 10 chapters on social demography dealing with caste/ethnicity, language, aging, socioeconomic characteristics, status of gender, education,
adolescents and youth, children and disability.
UNFPA ,   (2014 )
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 UNFPA : Population studies
08.01.00  -  Population Dynamics
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