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A Resource Material on Education and Federalism in Nepal 2014
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Nepal the drafting of the first constitution of the Federal Republic of Nepal by the Constituent Assembly is underway and expected to be completed by the end of 2014.During the writing process of the constitution, the question of state restructuring has remained the most contested issue, which also includes the modality of federalism. The benefits of Federalism are that it can provide a governmental form safeguarding against the threats of centralized exploitation, historically embedded exclusions and discrimination against marginalized sections of the population. expected that the federal model of government maintains the decentralized opportunistic behavior while bringing decision making closer to the people.In this light, any discussions about reforms in the education sector cannot ignore the fact that Nepal is soon going to become a federal country.Over last decade, there have been several studies carried out with regard to the different models and governance systems in the expected federal system in the country, including the division of powers among the different layers of governance structure,between national and local.Such discussions often include,among others,the issues like decentralized local governance; policies for regions development;
coordination of fiscal policies; resource distributions,national security; etc.Although education is the central pillar of newly formed states, it has not been discussed with due care in Nepal.Therefore,UNESCO Office in Kathmandu has initiated to develop a monograph series which focuses on different areas of education. This publication is one of the outcomes of the initiative compiling such monographs by education experts.
UNESCO/UNPFN ,   (2014 )
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