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UNESCO Country Programming Document for Nepal 2011–2013
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The UNESCO Country Programming Document (UCPD) for Nepal, published by the UNESCO Office in Kathmandu, is the fi rst of its kind. It re fl ects the close links between the priorities and programmes of the Government of Nepal and UNESCO’s areas of competence. As the leading UN agency for the promotion of peace, progress and prosperity through international cooperation in education, the sciences, culture, communication and information, UNESCO has made a significant contribution to Nepal’s development in all of these areas. Its leadership and support have helped to mainstream these fi ve core areas into national policies and programmes.Over the years, UNESCO has become a reliable partner for both the government and a great number of civil society organizations to assist in strategy and policy development in education, natural sciences, culture, and communication and information. The Kathmandu Offi ce works mostly at the upstream level and focuses on selected target areas and population groups implementing UNESCO’s main functions as a laboratory of ideas, a standard-setter, a clearing house, a capacity builder and a catalyst
for international cooperation. As the country is engaged in a challenging peace and development process, UNESCO has develop a comprehensive cooperation programme for Nepal. This country programmatic framework, covering a three year period (2011-2013), is presented as the “UNESCO Country Programming Document” (UCPD) for Nepal.
In addition to succinctly presenting the country’s situation in the areas of education, natural sciences, culture and communication and information, the UCPD reviews UNESCO’s past action and achievements in Nepal and outlines areas of UNESCO’s potential contributions to the country’s development, including to the next United Nations Development Assistance Framework.UNESCO has multi-sector expertise in
education, natural, social and human sciences, culture, and communication and information. Articulating concrete deliverables in these areas, the UNESCO Country Programming Document (UCPD) 2011-20131 decodes in a comprehensive manner what UNESCO can offer to Nepal’s development.
UNESCO ,   (2011 )
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