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New Victim-Activated Explosions Nepal – 2005 Surveillance System Based on Media Reports
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Providing an ongoing snapshot of the Explosive Device problem in Nepal;
Establishing priorities for Mine Action activities: Mine Risk Education, Advocacy and Victim Assistance. This surveillance system relies on media reports as its primary source of information, whereas the Victim Information System’ about explosions which will be led by Informal Sector Service Center from March 2006 relies on information from victims or their families. This first system can act as a control set of data for the second, or as an interim data base. The two systems have the same objectives, but use different sources. The system has the merit of encompassing all the districts of the country with a wide range of separate media sources. Due to their violent, unpredictable, and indiscriminate character, the explosions were generally well covered by the journalists with an average of two separate reports per incident.
UNICEF ,   (2005 )
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01.04.00  -  Disarmament And Military Questions
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