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UN Newsletter - Vol. 51 (April 2013)
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News Insight is the 51st volume of News Insight-United Nations in Nepal, April 2013. This newsletter consists of the following headlines: ESCAP REPORT 2013 Nepal will have to overcome a number of development challenges, MY World Survey volunteers orientation programme held, Refugee resettlement from Nepal reaches six-figure mark, Collection of Stories from IOM and UNHCR colleagues, UNESCO and NFEC build skills to use statistics for improving non-formal education, Celebrating “International Day for Monuments and Sites” Message by Axel Plathe, UNESCO Representative to Nepal, GREEN HOMES: Promoting Sustainable Housing in Nepal,Woman Literacy. (UN Newsletter)

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International Literacy Day Celebrates The Power Of Women’s Literacy As 4.5 Million Adult Women Are Still Illiterate In Nepal
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