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The united nations acting resident Co-coordinator, junko Sazaki, together with representatives from UNDP, UNFPA, UNIFEM, and OHCHR, met with members of women in alliance (a group representing major political parties, civil society organizations) who requested the UN’s support in ensuring that nepali women are actively engaged in the ongoing peace process.Clearly the active participation of women was crucial to the success of the recent people movement. for the peace process to also succeed, women participation is absolutely necessary, said ms. azaki, applauding the ongoing women’s movement.the UN welcomed the house representatives’ declaration made last month, which calls for 33% of civil service jobs for women and gives citizenship to children born to nepali mothers. however, it also pointed out that immediate legislative measures need to be adopted for the declaration to be realized.he government of nepal, the political parties and the CPN-maoists to increases representation in decision-making bodies dealing with the peace process.The UN is advocating and working to promote Nepali women greater economic, social and political inclusion through numerous programmes and projects carried out by its partners and specialized UN agencies.
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