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OHCHR Reiterates Its Call For The Government To Protect Suspected Burial Sites of Victims Of Disappearance
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Nepal is concerned to learn that, six days after the site was identified and
despite a formal request by the National Human Rights Commission, the
Government has not yet taken steps to protect the site in Shivapuri National Park where it is alleged that the body of one of those detained in Maharajgunj Army Barracks in 2003 may have been taken and cremated by the Nepalese Army.
This failure to protect possible evidence and carry out investigations is held by OHCHR-Nepal to be incompatible with State’s obligation to take appropriate measures to independently and impartially investigate acts of disappearance and to bring those responsible to justice. OHCHR-Nepal reiterates its call to the Government to ensure that there is no obstacle that would prevent the Nepal Police from providing 24 hour security to this site or any site where it is alleged that victims of disappearance are cremated or buried. It also repeats its recommendation to the authorities to take all necessary measures to ensure that an independent and credible mechanism is established to investigate this and the hundreds of other outstanding cases of enforced disappearance in Nepal. OHCHR-Nepal also calls on the Government to ensure that all persons associated with or collaborating with this and any investigation into alleged human rights violations can do so without fear.
UNOHCHR ,   (2007 )
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