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IOM, UNHCR And WFP Denounce He Bomb Attack At The IOM Office In Eastern Nepal
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The international Organization for migration ,the UN refugee agency UNHCR
and the UN world food programmer have denounced the bomb attack at the IOM
office premises and bus parking area in damak in eastern nepal on monday night as an act of senseless violence.The three explosions caused minor damage to the office building. fortunately, no one was injured. investigations on the incidents are ongoing.The IOM, UNHCR and WFP are shocked and outraged by this senseless attack which is aimed at undermining the humanitarian efforts by the UN agencies and the international community to aid refugees from Bhutan who have been through decades of suffering in camps in eastern nepal.the agencies would like to strongly emphasize that continued intimidation and attacks on IOM may eventually have consequences on aLL programmed delivery for refugee operation not just the resettlement component.the free choice of each refugee and his/her family whether they would like to be considered for resettlement to third countries. Neither the individuals opting resettlement nor the agencies facilitating this process should be intimidated threatened.major resettlement operation to third countries is underway for these refugees.
IOM, UNHRC, WFP ,   (2008 )
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Press Release in English
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 UNOHCHR : UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
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