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UNV Strategic Framework: 2014-2017 Integrated Results And Resources Matrix Collective Well-Being.
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UNV is a more effective and efficient organization, with improved systems and business practices and processes, well-managed resources and engaged personnel. It is critical that UNV’s operations are managed by personnel who benefit from a stimulating and enabling environment for them to perform optimally. This implies that the organization needs to establish its resources, communications, Results Based Management (RBM) practices, structures,systems, and processes in a manner that allows its personnel to perform the numerous activities needed to achieve the outputs within the IRRM.In the context of evolving client needs, and redefined global peace and development priorities, UNV needs to consciously adapt to, improve and develop new products and services, often in a process of co-creation with its partners. It also needs to convincingly articulate and provide evidence on the value it continues to bring into the global conversation towards leveraging human and financial resources for peace and development. In this regard, the organizational capacity to analyze and demonstrate the specific contribution of volunteering to the outcomes of partner UN entities, as well as to higher level development outcomes and impact, will become increasingly important. This requires deepened relationships with existing partner UN entities as well as broader outreach to more UN entities.
UNVN ,   (2014 )
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14.05.03  -  Social Development
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