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Access to and representation of women in decision making processes of local governance structures : A local case study - Issue 38
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Women make up more than half of Nepal’s population and they play an important role in all spheres of development. However, the majority of families in Nepal are still guided by a patriarchal culture. This has led to a restriction of the freedom and liberty of women which is greatly curtailed from childhood, with social and cultural practices having negatively affected women in many ways. This adverse situation has affected women's access to resources and their role in society with women having negligible
representation in state mechanisms and other decision making bodies.
The People's Movement-II of 2006 highlighted the lack of women's participation, empowerment and inclusion in politics and governance. Consequently the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) of 2006
committed to end gender based discriminations and to especially protect the rights of women. As a result, the reinstated House of Representatives passed a resolution to ensure that at least 33% of representatives in all state structures are women. In addition, Nepal’s Interim Constitution of 2007 outlaws discrimination on the basis of gender. It also advocates for special legal provisions to protect and advance the interests of women as well as recognizes women's rights as a fundamental right. Despite this, the participation of women in governance remains nominal.
This field bulletin is focused on the access and participation of women to the decision making process of local service delivery agencies at the village level. The information included in this bulletin is derived from a field survey in four VDCs of three districts in Eastern Nepal. The approach was focus group discussions with community members (men and women), members of local service delivery agencies and relevant government agencies, NGO workers, and social activists.
UNRCHCO ,   (2012 )
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14.01.00  -  Advancement Of Women
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