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In Kathmandu on 24th October, UN Day we had a marvelous UN Day celebration with a lot of focus on UNV and IYV+10. Mr. Robert Piper, United Nations Resident & Humanitarian Coordinator for Nepal made a specific reference to UNV in his speech and highlighted the marking of IYV+10 in particular. As part of the official program we had Suman Homegain (one of young female PPPUE national UNV Fieldworkers) on stage sharing a success story from her work in Dhulikhel Municipality. We got a lot of very positive feedback on that and thanks should also go to Indra, who spent most of Sunday with Suman to prepare her story and rehearse with her to go on stage in front of a very large audience including the Deputy Prime Minister/Minister of Foreign Affairs. Last, but not least, UNV had a stall highlighting our work and got the IYV+10 message widely spread.
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