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This country strategic opportunities programme (COSOP) is the second for Nepal and provides a review of opportunities for IFAD’s contribution to poverty reduction, reconciliation and post-conflict reconstruction over six years (2007-2012). It articulates how IFAD might complement the efforts of the Government of Nepal another development partners in reducing rural poverty.The COSOP seeks to define IFAD’s role and the potential for strategic alliances, to position IFAD in relation to government policies on rural poverty and post-conflict recovery, and provide a platform for dialogue with the Government and other stakeholders. Preparation of the COSOP was a participatory process involving a review of the IFAD portfolio,studies on rural poverty, conflict/post-conflict, gender relations and social exclusion, consultations with national and local-level institutions, civil society and development partners,and two stakeholder workshops (Nepalgunj), 17-19 July 2006, and Kathmandu,24 July 2006).This process has achieved a strong consensus on the way forward.
IFAD ,   (2006 )
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