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United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security Community Learning Centres Project (UNTFHS-CLC Project) Community Empowerment through Community Learning Centers in Mid and Far Western Regions of Nepal
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The Far and Mid Western Region are not only the least developed areas, but also the most neglected areas in the country’s development efforts. Hundreds of people have been starving to death every year particularly in hill and mountain areas of the region. Even the recent years have witnessed such phenomena. While the average life expectancy within and near the capital is about 70 years and the national average is around 60 years, people in these areas live less than 40 years on average. These areas are socially and culturally characterized
by severe gender and other socio-cultural disparities. Women’s literacy rate (over 15 years old) remains a mere 12% or so in the areas. The adult literacy rate within and near the capital is estimated to be 70-80%, whereas the national average is 53.7%. These figures indicate the magnitude of the issue of education for girls and women. Contextually, absence of an institutional organization at the community level for management delivery and monitoring of non-formal education/literacy is the major problem in Nepal. Despite the five-decade effort put in non-formal education system, Nepal still lacks
institutionalization capacity. It has been realized that there is a serious lack of a forum at the community level, a need of a local institution or organization which could really design and work out literacy and non-formal education plans based on the actual needs of the community. In this regard, the CLC has proved to be an effective mechanism to implement need-based non-formal education programs incorporating life skills.
UNESCO ,   (2006 )
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