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Local Self-Governance Act, 2055: An Act Made To Provide For Local Self-Governance
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Make provisions conducive to the enjoyment of the fruits of democracy through the utmost participation of the sovereign people in the process of governance by way of decentralization, Institutionalize the process of development by enhancing the participation of all the people including the ethnic communities, indigenous people and down-trodden as well as socially and
economically backward groups in bringing out social equality in mobilizing and allocating means for the development of their own region and in the balanced and equal distribution of the fruits of development, Have institutional development of local bodies capable of bearing responsibility, by providing such responsibility and power at the local level as is necessary to formulate and carry out plans, and Constitute local bodies for the development of the local self-governance system in a manner that they are able to make decisions on the matters affecting the day-to-date needs and lives of the people, by developing local leadership.
GON-UNDP ,   (1999 )
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Progress Report in English
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 UNDP : Social and Institutional Developoment
02.05.00  -  Public Administration
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विकासमा सुचनाका हकको प्र​भावःभारतको हालैका अनुभवहरूको चित्रण
स्थानीय स्वायत्त शासन नेपालमा सहभागितामूलक संविधान निर्माण पुस्तिका शृङ्खला ४
स्थानीय स्वायत्त शासन - नेपाल मे सहभागीतामूलक संविधान निर्माण पुस्तिका शृंखला ४
ईस्ठानीय स्वायट्टा सासन् संवैधानिक संवाद केन्द्र नेपालाङ पट्टको मोलÞ क्म सम्बीढान खास्च कीटाप-छ्योट् सङ्ख्या - ४
स्थानीय स्वायत्त शासन संवैधानिक संवाद केन्द्र नेपालमे सहभागितामूलक संविधान निर्माण पुस्तिका शृंखला संख्या - ४
स्थानीय स्वायत्त शासन संवैधानिक संवाद केन्द्र नेपालय् सहभागितामूलक संविधान निर्माण सफू-माः ४
स्थानिय स्वायत्त सासन् संवैधानिक संवाद केन्द्र नेपाल्रि मोक्कोन् हयुल्बासे बोकिन्सि हयुल्ठिम् सोबा गे डाङ् - ४
स्थानीय स्वायत्त शासन नेपालमे सहभागितामूलक संविधान निर्माण पोष्टा शृङ्खला
लीस र ढर्म नेपालाङ पट्टको मोलक्म सम्बीढान खास्च कीटाप-छ्योट् सङ्ख्या - १
देय् व धर्म नेपालय् सहभागितामूलक संविधान निर्माण सफुचा-माः १
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