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The Sustainable Development Goals are approaching their four-year mark of a 15-year Agenda. In this short time, Nepal has laid a strong foundation in order to tackle its national SDG priorities. Since the beginning of the SDGs in 2015, UNDP has been a reliable source of SDG expertise assisting Nepal in its commendable early progress. Nepal was one of the first nations to take stock of its SDG baselines; the starting point to measure the SDGs. One of the most important steps of the SDG Agenda is to turn global ideas into local action, tailoring the Global Goals to meet the national needs. In 2018, UNDP helped Nepal set up the SDG Localization Platform, a mechanism for Nepal’s Government and other stakeholders to mainstream and localize the SDGs. With a network of experts and knowledge partners, and the ability to pull in needed resources, the Platform has engaged with governments, the private sector and civil society. UNDP’s support has been customized to meet the special needs of both the national and sub-national structures. In 2018, the National Planning Commission, with help from UNDP, aligned current policies and monitoring frameworks with the SDGs. At the sub-national level, UNDP partnered with provincial governments, CSOs and the private sector to help them undertake their roles in accelerating the SDGs. At least two provincial governments, Gandaki Province and Province 5 prepared their first provincial SDGs baseline reports. To support the SDG localization process, UNDP published and distributed to all local governments a package of SDG-related knowledge products in Nepali, including the national SDG baseline report, SDG-aligned monitoring and evaluation guidelines for national and provincial governments, and SDG booklets.
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