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UN publication review for 2017
7/11/2017 11:41:57 AM

UN Digital Repository in Nepal (UNDRN) is an initiative for the long-term preservation of the UN in Nepal’s funds, programmes and agencies’ Nepal-specific collective reports and documents into one portal and preserves it for institutional memory. UNDRN has the ability to collaboratively collect, organize, preserve, communicate, and share the overall UN agencies’ digital content from one central portal. With its wider range of audience and potential reference materials UNDRN is working on a five-year plan. Content Development is its major activities.


 It provides information materials on peacekeeping, disarmament, human rights, international law; economic and social affairs, health, development, trade, agriculture, environments, water, education, population, children, women and other themes on the UN agenda.

It procures research material — Annual Report, Press Release, Bulletin, Progress Report, Publication, draft, official documents etc. It facilitates easy access and discovery of research materials to students and researcher.
It is helpful for easy access to high-quality content and provide information through different publications and is also a key foundation for good learning.

The documents found in UNDRN gives all sorts of information related to UN and these works are reference materials which is highly used by high school students alike. They can find the main subject and contents that researchers seek through Thesaurus, keywords and Hash tags.

UNDRN have preserved and given access to all sorts of materials like report, documents, press release, draft, etc. Accessibility, availability, and reuse are strong reasons to use digital libraries for people who want to get information of UN in Nepal.

With its 5k active users, UNDRN is reaching out especially to students, researchers, academicians, government, and nongovernmental organizations of Nepal. There are 118 thematic groups that the UNDRN is working in this year. Publications cataloged by UN agencies, Thesaurus, Publisher and Timeline of publications are distinct features of full text search engine of the digital repository.

There are 7.22k documents about UN in Nepal. The most used thesaurus is Disaster, Prevention, Preparedness and Relief which is used 1417 times. 858 publications are from UNDP followed by other agencies contributing significant publications in UN Digital Repository in Nepal (UNDRN).

Overall 23 UN Agencies in Nepal have contributed their publications in UN Digital Repository in 2017 making large number of publications in 822 publications are from UNOCHA followed by other agencies contributing significant publications in UN Digital Repository in Nepal (UNDRN).

Disaster Prevention, Preparedness and Relief, Development, Food and Nutrition, Comprehensive Health Service, Maintenance Peace and Security, Social Development are major seven social sectors covered till date. Till now, UNDRN has 5.11k users and 31.54k documents have been downloaded so far.



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