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UN Digital Library in Mobile – the easiest way to getting UN Publications in Nepal—Yujin Kim
3/17/2017 4:03:31 PM

KATHMANDU, 8 Feb 2017 —

Back in the days, it was not easy to accessing UN publications. Physical approach at the UNIC reference library in the UN house or visiting UN specialized agencies which are scattered in the country were the only way. Thanks to the invention of the Internet, researching or studying with UN documentation have become much more easy and effortless. However, it still needs some efforts and time to finding appreciate web site of agencies that has the documents looking for.

 Sometimes they do not provide the authority of downloading documents. However, in Nepal, it can be done via one single platform. After the initiative of UN mobile application, ‘UN in Nepal’, it becomes even more convenient.

UN Digital Repository in Nepal (UNDRN), which launched to the public since June 2015, is an online platform that projected to hold and search all UN document of Nepal. It is a unique database system of UN Nepal for collecting whole UN Nepal related publications on a website. After parallel module search engine launched a mobile application, ‘UN in Nepal’, it also becomes possible with own personal mobile devices (currently available only for Android and Windows Mobile). Afterward, accessing to 7.06K documents is possible every time, everywhere. It only needs few taps on the screen of a smartphone with a fingertip. Furthermore, it also provides a personalized searching process with putting relevant document at the top of the finding list.

Getting accesses to documents via ‘UN in Nepal’ is easy. Once after users download and make an account, documents, publications, and other electronic materials from UN, UN specialized agencies can be downloaded with own mobile devices. With the application, it has become much easier to get access to the information looking for, with less time and effort, with more accuracy.

Ms. Yujin Kim, UNV, UNIC Nepal

Ms. Yujin Kim just joined UNIC Nepal as an international UNV for communications for 6 months. She is from the Republic of Korea. Yujin obtained her bachelor degrees from Korea University, double major in English & English literature and Media communication.

She previously worked for an NGO in Korea which is working on sustainable development in developing countries and educating Korean students to understand it. Her position required her to introduce outcomes and branding NGO with social media. She worked in a similar position for 14th Asiana International Short Film Festival as well. She is interested in public awareness on global issues and peace and the power of media on these subjects.



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