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Talk Program “Chiya Guff” in Santwona College
11/27/2015 4:32:32 PM

Kathmandu, 26 November 2015 --- UN Information Centre (UNIC) participated in a talk program today titled “Chiya Guff” at Santwona College, Baneshwor. The talk program was organized by formal interns in association with UNIC to share knowledge, ideas, opinion and experiences about violence against women in Nepal. UN Digital Repository in Nepal (UNDRN) Team attended the program as a participant to comprehend the understanding of students of Santwona College about women violence as well as to stimulate the recently launched UNDRN among the students.

Ram Babu Shah, National Information Officer of UNIC said that UN agencies like UN Women and UNFPA are currently working at the policy level for women empowerment by collaborating with bodies of Government of Nepal and with other NGOs. He further spread light over the importance of entrepreneurial development in women for women empowerment in Nepal, in response to the student queries regarding women violence eradication measures.

In the meantime, session presenter Shail Suman Silwal, a student of social science put forward research findings on women violence status in Nepal. Her main focus was women violence due to the prevailing dowry system in Tarai region of Nepal. Students also shared their personal experiences and concern about the women violence as well as the issues of gender equality with respect to reservation for women.

The talk program also promoted and discussed the existence and importance of recently launched UNDRN among the scholars of Santwona College. UNIC also explained the role of digital repository in knowledge management and its importance to students in their studies. UNIC explained the mechanism of digital repository, its availability through website and mobile application, and its utility in knowledge accessing and sharing among students. The student were informed about accessing UNDRN through www.un.info.np as well as downloading the mobile application through mobile play store. UNIC also highlighted the higher participation of female interns in UNDRN Project as an example of women empowerment practice by the UN in Nepal.


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